Membrane Pressing Services Ltd. Machinery for the Woodworking Industry

In the fast growing woodworking and furniture production sector our customers tell us that in order to grow their business in a highly competitive world, they want to work with companies that consistently offer high quality, innovative solutions to their problems.

At Membrane Pressing Services Ltd, we understand that innovation, flexibility and a proactive approach are essential to creating the value-added, high-performance products that our customers need. We never compromise on quality.

With long-standing partnerships with Industry renowned names including Burkle, Wandres, Weber, and CMA Robotics; MPS Machines Ltd provides the complete service and package for the furniture production sector.

Burkle Process Technoligies | MPS Machines

Turnkey solutions for Lacquering systems, press lines, PUR application, Foil lamination thermo-forming (membrane pressing), Door manufacturing and Roller coating with UV Curing

Burkle is a global leading manufacturer of presses and coating lines for surfaces, with the Burkle name standing for quality, customer focus and innovation.



Weber has been producing wood production sanding machines for over 100 years.

New materials are constantly being used in furniture, interior design and the construction industry. And yet, the aesthetic fascination of wood is timeless. Based on decades of experience and continual innovation, Weber has developed automatic sanding machines and solutions to meet the highest finishing standards. This is the ideal starting point for ensuring that the living material wood, in all its diverse varieties, will provide unrivalled beauty once processed.



Cleaning systems for trouble-free production and subsequent processes.

The effective and gentle removal of dust, fibres and minute particles from industrial surfaces is a must for a great number of subsequent processes such as converting, painting, laminating etc. Effective surface cleaning is, therefore, an important step in the production of high-quality products.

The company Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning has specialised in the development and production of brush cleaning and compressed air driven cleaning machines for the cleaning of industrial surfaces.

CMA Robotic Logo

Robots and Turnkey Solutions for Automatic Painting

CMA ROBOTICS design, produce and install the widest robot and painting plant range available in the market today and supply complete solutions from planning through to integration.

As well as each anthropomorphous robot or painting plant, CMA Robotics manage, along with the customer, the whole integration of the painting system phase into the final plant solution.


Automatic paint and glue spraying machines with robots or reciprocation solutions

MPS (Membrane Pressing Services Ltd) are now able to offer two types of automated spraying solutions to the Furniture Industry. Firstly with Burkle, we have their reciprocation spraying machines and Rotary Spraying machine for fast through feed spraying solutions. With CMA Robotics we offer the versatile Robotic spraying systems.

All solutions offer the self-teaching spraying system or scanning recognitions of the parts before spraying. In both cases, solvent or water based paints can be sprayed with paint recovery systems or paper belt systems for the paint over spray. In addition to this, both applications can offer automatic glue spraying solutions for the membrane pressing application.