High Gloss Sanding Machine Applications


High gloss sanding of a superior kind

When it comes to high-gloss surfaces in particular, a perfectly sanded surface is essential – and easy to obtain with WEBER’s fully developed sanding and brushing technology.

The WEBER Cross Sander operates at a 90° angle to the fibre, which is then easier to remove with the lengthwise sanding pass. Due to the criss-cross sanding directions, noticeably fewer and shorter fibres remain on the surface.

The WEBER Planetary Head sets new standards in sanding quality. This patented unit guarantees a perfect surface, regardless of the direction of the wood fibres or the shape of the workpiece. As a result, barely any of the wood fibres are raised, which represents a key quality factor, particularly for high-gloss lacquering.

The WEBER Round Brush Units are used for smoothing the surface and bevelling crosswise edges and are essential for perfect high-gloss lacquering.