Veneer Sanding Machine Applications

Wood veneer – limitless design options

There is no limit to the use and design to which wood veneer can be put. At the same time, veneers are becoming increasingly thinner and require new and innovative production processes.

WEBER is hard at work addressing these ever tougher requirements and is attempting to provide a useful and workable response in the form of suitable sanding technology.

The Automatic Workpiece Thickness Measurement System can be set precisely and is essential to running an efficient operation.

The WEBER ISA/ISD Segmented Platen adjusts the sanding pressure of the individual segments to the dimensions of the workpiece and is controlled electronically. This guarantees a targeted and consistently even sanding pressure on the surface and the edges.

The WEBER Planetary Head produces a perfect surface, regardless of the shape of the workpiece. This patented unit is ideally suited for blanks, profiles and solid edge band.

The WEBER Vacuum Blower is an optional feature which increases the adhesion of the conveyor belt and conveys the perfectly positioned workpieces through the machine.