Intro Woodworking technology at its best In the fast growing woodworking and furniture production sector our customers tell us that in order to grow their business in a highly competitive world, they want to work with companies that consistently offer high quality, innovative solutions to their problems. LEARN MORE Cefla Cefla Solutions for painting, decoration and digital printing Cefla invent, innovate, integrate. From the simplest machine to the most complex and complete finishing line, providing a comprehensive range of equipment to satisfy all requirements in terms of productivity and production efficiency. LEARN MORE Cefla Wandres Wandres Micro Cleaning Wandres develops and produces innovative compressed air-assisted and brush cleaning systems for industrial production applications and has specialised in the gentle and effective removal of dust, fibres and very small particles from product surfaces. LEARN MORE


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Drying Systems and Spray Booths (6)

Profile Wrapping (3)

Robotics Spraying Machines (1)

Roller Coating and UV Curing (3)

Wandres Micro Cleaning (10)