Benefits of Using a Spray Paint Machine

spray paint machine

If you work in a business that is within the industrial and manufacturing industries, including furniture, construction and automotive, the chances are you have needed to work with paint products for finishing your products.

Whilst working with paints can be a rewarding process, it can also be a difficult, time consuming, and labour intensive process, depending on what it is you are having to paint. There are however ways around this, by using a spray paint machine to automate the process.

Need some convincing on why you should invest in a spray paint machine and use it in your production process? Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a spray paint machine.

Speed and productivity

One of the main and most obvious benefits of using a spray paint machine is the speed in which they can complete your paint jobs. If your product line is filled with items that need to be painted a spray paint machine can get the work done faster and more consistently than manually spraying. Don`t worry, while spray paint machines work faster, they don`t compromise on quality – they improve it!

Spray paint machines will improve productivity throughout your factory, removing bottlenecks often created by the painting process, and de-skilling the operation to make labour recruitment less specialised.

Spray paint machines are available in a variety of configurations that can be tailored to suit low, medium and high volume requirements, and spray paint machines are designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. With spray paint machine options for single and double arm reciprocating machines with 4 to 8 spray gun capability, single or double 6 axis control spray heads and complete single or double robot spray systems the solutions are endless!

Consistent coating

A spray paint machine can consistently paint products with an even and controlled thickness of paint, ensuring total coverage with a smooth, professional and high quality finish. Of course, maintaining high quality finishes depends on regular cleaning of your spray paint machine!

With complete control of the spraying process a spray paint machine can provide significant savings on paint usage, typically around 20%, against manually sprayed products, which can go a long way to helping finance the spray paint machine of your choice!

Machine choice

As previously mentioned, there are many different types of spray paint machines and here at MPS Machines you can choose from any one of our spray paint machines, such as:

  • Cefla PRIMA  – Single Arm oscillating spray machine. Perfect for businesses upgrading from manual to automatic spraying.
  • Cefla MITO – Single or Double Arm Oscillating Spray Machine – this type of spray machine is suitable for the application of any type of water or solvent-based paint or glue.
  • Cefla EASY – Double Arm Oscillating Spray Machine-  An easy to use, two-arm oscillating spray machine developed to provide finishes of the very highest quality.
  • Cefla ROCTRE – Double Arm Oscillating Spray Machine – a high-productivity two-arm oscillating spray machine ideal for matt and gloss finishes. Roctre is also able to apply large quantities of paint.
  • CEFLA IBOTIC  – Fully interpolated axis Cartesian spraying robot, with one or two arms, perfect for high production capacities and unbeatable quality.
  • Cefla IGIOTTO APP – Anthropomorphic Painting Robot – this spray paint machine has maximum flexibility and excellence for painting 3D objects.
  • CEFLA IGIOTTO – Anthropomorphic robot for vertical hanging lines. iGiotto is the complete system for coating large-sized objects, such as doors and window frames, or any other objects with a complex shape.
  • Cefla FLEXI SPRAY – Flexispray is the ideal entry spray machine for painting mouldings and narrow boards with total width up to 240 mm.
  • Cefla PERFORMA – Linear spraying machine for painting mouldings. Performa is a linear spraying machine for painting mouldings and narrow boards. Available in 3 different configurations.

Due to there being such a wide variety of spray paint machines, businesses can find the perfect size and type of spray paint machine for their products. Whether you need something for precision painting, speed painting or high-quality finishes, rest assured there will be a spray paint machine ideal for the job you need doing.

Accessible & Easy to Use

Spray paint machines whilst being smart and innovative machines are easy to use. Your workers can easily implement these into their working routine and use them daily with no complications due to the easy user-interface and fast set up. The spray paint machines are fully accessible for maintenance and cleaning, and filters are easily changed, so no excuses for a dirty machine!

Software – the software installed on our spray paint machines has been developed over many years of experience manufacturing and installing spray paint machines. The software is easy to use and allows the operator full control of the relevant machine functions and to save programmes created for different applications.  

Spray Machine or Manual Spraying?

There are many benefits to a spray machine compared to manual spraying already mentioned but here is an important one…

When manually spraying, overspray is a major issue due to the operator being human! When operators get tired the spray quality drops resulting in inconsistent finishes and excess paint usage.  However, spray paint machines have control of the paint quantity and overspray from the machine control, and have a specially designed system to ensure better air distribution, which helps to direct paint to the products being sprayed, resulting in uniform finishing and thickness providing significant savings on paint usage and high quality, consistent finishing, time and time again.

Invest in a Spray Paint Machine Today

Are you ready to ramp up the productivity in your workplace and send more products out of the door of your factory? Then a spray paint machine is an essential piece of equipment to add to your current set-up.

Here at MPS Machines, we have years of experience in providing businesses with high-quality machinery and equipment. Get in touch with a member of our team if you have any questions about our comprehensive range of spray paint machine as well as any other questions or queries about our business or the other range of products we offer.

Our mission is to provide businesses with innovative machinery and tools to help them compete in this highly competitive world and this particularly competitive sector. With long-standing partnerships with Industry renowned names including Cefla, Wandres and CMA Robotics; MPS Machines Ltd are the perfect choice for spray paint machines. Get yours today.

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