Robus Pro. A spraying machine for industrial spray coating


Burkle Robus Pro | Industrial Woodworking Spraying Machine


  • Two sizes of spray booth (option) for the specific requirements of the various coating speeds.
  • Optimum air conditions in the spray booth, fully-optimised airflow.
  • Generously-sized filter units in the 5-stage filter system. All filters can be replaced easily.



  • Base coat and top coat application.
  • Application of different solvent lacquer systems.
  • Application of water based lacquer and water based stains.


Features and equipment packages

  • Movable arms with up to 6 + 6 guns.
  • Extra-wide conveyor belt to prevent the back of the belt becoming soiled.
  • Coating recovery and belt cleaning unit with sophisticated detailed solutions.
  • Two alternatives for air filtering: oiled or dry filter system.


Technical Specification