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Finishing Lines for the Coating of Solid and Ready-to-lay Parquet.



  1. Feeding Device
  2. Sanding Machine
  3. Roller Coating Machine e.a.sy-Coater RCL
  4. Dispersing Machine VBM
  5. Air Jet Drying Tunnel TRDUE
  6. Filler Coating Machine CASC
  7. UV Unit TRUV
  8. UV Unit TRUV
  9. Sanding Machine
  10. Angle Transfer
  11. Twin Roller Coating Machine e.a.sy-Coater RCF
  12. UV Unit TRUV
  13. Roller Coating Machine e.a.sy-Coater RCL
  14. UV Unit TRUV
  15. Roller Coating Machine e.a.sy-Coater RCL
  16. UV Unit TRUV
  17. Sanding Machine
  18. Roller Coating Machine e.a.sy-Coater RCL
  19. UV Unit TRUV
  20. Roller Coating Machine e.a.sy-Coater RCL
  21. UV Unit TRUV
  22. Stacking Device

Technical Specification


Bürkle is an Alliance Member of the VDMA Sustainability Initiative BLUECOMPETENCE. The initiative stands for resource-saving and sustainable technologies.

The curing technology with light-emitting diodes is considerably more eco-friendly and more resource-saving in comparison to the traditional technologies. The disposal of heavy metal lamps made of gallium and mercury, that have to be exchanged more often due to a reduced lifetime, is no longer required.

The working conditions for the line operators is improved as there is no ozone formation and an exhaust system is thus not necessary, too, which could lead to a higher noise level. The lower energy consumption of LED lamp units contributes to the protection of resources.

The crucial advantages are:

– Reduced energy consumption by about 80%
– Lifetime of the lamps unit minimum 15,000 hours
– No disposal of heavy-metal UV lamps
– No ozone load for employees


Burkle zorka


Higher efficiency at low costs

A real innovation called „UV Lam-Inert“ is behind the Inert Curing Technology presented by Bürkle. Following a conventional roller coating machine the still wet coating is smoothed by a transparent, synchronous rotating film. The curing by a UV lamp is happening through the film that is in direct contact with the coating. This creates an inert environment that ensures high efficiency and thus causes lower energy costs for the curing.

Key customer benefits:

  • Production of exceptionally smooth and homogenous base coatings
  • Creates ideal conditions for the coating of highest quality surfaces, e.g. High-gloss
  • Extremely efficient curing due to inert conditions. This reduces the energy consumption significantly
  • Top-quality base coating means less sanding requirements with only little coatremoval
  • Structure free application of very large coating quantities in only one processing step allows shorter lengths of a finishing line

Technical Specification