Tornado Nozzles And Power Nozzles

Wandres Tornado Nozzles And Power Nozzles

These nozzles are more effective and do not just use compressed air. Air turbulences created by the rotating movement or the fixed nozzles trap and effectively remove contaminations such as dust, swarf or even liquids from the surface.


  • Compressed air driven nozzles
  • Tested by the IPA Fraunhofer Institut for production technology (German institution for manufacturing technics)
  • Clean Room version available
  • available as a complete set within a channel: This Tornado Channel is made out of a u-shaped profile. Power nozzles or rotating Tornado nozzles are placed within this channel at a certain distance from each other. The blow perpendicularly or at a slight angle onto the surface. A cross-flow wil transport the particles through the channel towards the suction connection.