Wandres – High quality cleaning solutions for boards, panels and laminates…

Sawing, drilling, routing and sanding of wood inevitably produces dust particles. Of course, all of these processes are necessary during the production of furniture panels, but particles remaining on the panel surface, or within groove or bore holes, cause quality issues throughout the production process. To prevent this happening Wandres offer a complete range of high quality solutions which combine air-assisted and brush cleaning technologies.


Sword Brush BIX


The Sword Brush is ideal for cleaning flat surfaces such as furniture and plastic boards, metal blanks or surfaces of rollers. The compact design facilitates integration into existing conveying systems. Click for more


Sword Brush Una X


The Combi Sword Brush Una X is suitable for the cleaning of flat surfaces and panels and coffers single or double sided cleaning. The support frame allows vertical adjustment of the Sword Brushes to adjust them to the material’s thickness manually, with an option of electrical/pneumatic height adjustment. Available up to 4500mm wide. Click for more


Tornado Channel

The Tornado Channel is ideal for the compressed air-assisted cleaning of panels with grooves, blind or through holes. The air jet produced either by rotating Tornado Nozzles or fixed Power Nozzles removes debris powerfully from the material surfaces. Click for more


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