Painting Robots

We sell a wide variety of high-quality painting robots. These are the ultimate tool for industrial painting processes. for automating Robotic arms can precisely control spray angle, speed and flow intensity for complete and consistent coverage over complex surfaces.

They allow for the best finish quality of painting and coating due to artificial intelligence. Robotmaster simulates coverage using spray parameters to automate the programming of optimized paths, ensuring precise coverage over all surfaces with minimal effort.

Advantages of Painting Robots

There are a number of advantages for robot painting and spray-coating applications. Due to their automation, they prove to be a cost effective method to paint applications in industrial settings.

Easy of Use with CAD

Spray-coating programs for robots can be generated automatically from the CAD model and subsequently modified with minimal effort to adjust for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Change of spray shape
  • Nozzle diameter
  • Nozzle to part distance
  • Depth of passes
  • Number of coats

Evenly Applied Paint

Robots apply industrial paint evenly to parts and equipment. Since robots are precise, they don't leave behind drips or other imperfections. Instead, each piece of equipment is sprayed evenly with just the right amount of paint for a flawless finish. This is because Industrial robots are able to recognize what areas to paint by using software, algorithms, sensors, and cameras. This gives you automation and precision all in one.

Reduce Floor Space

These machines can help you save floor on floor space in the factory. The slim design of these robotic arms allows them to be flexible in terms of placement. They can also be installed easily onto walls or worksurfaces, making them even more space efficient.

Access and Paint More Parts

Due to the size of these machines nozzles, they can fit in smaller nooks and crannies than a human can in a short space of time. A human worker would need to change positions of themselves and the parts they’re working on far more than a painting robot would. industrial robots are programmed to recognize the edges of equipment so they can apply an even spray without wasting paint.

Safety in the Workplace

Robots and automation in the workplace greatly reduce workers risk of illness and injury. In the past, industrial paint exposed workers to carcinogens, iso-cyanides, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Fortunately, our automated paint systems are specifically designed for painting. Even if the worse happens, robotic arms are built to survive explosions. The same can't be said of human arms, which is why we highly recommend industrial painting robots. Robotic automation systems are also more precise while painting, which means you'll end up needing to dispose of less hazardous waste.

Custom Automation

Painting robots can use a number of custom automation which allow you to increase productivity at work. For example, by using anti-collision software, we can create a team of industrial robots that work in close proximity. This means that you don't have to worry about painting robots crashing into each other and needing repair. When you add more than one industrial painting robot, you'll notice your productivity drastically improve.

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Cefla IGIOTTO – Anthropomorphic Painting Robot for Vertical Lines

Anthropomorphic robot for vertical lines. iGiotto is the complete system for coating large-sized objects, such as door and window fixtures, or any other objects with a complex shape.