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Prima EVO – Single Arm Oscillating Spray Machine

PRIMA is a one arm oscillating spray machine. Perfect for business upgrading from manual to automatic spraying.

Cefla MITO – Single or Double Arm Oscillating Spray Machine

MITO is the oscillating spray machine, suitable for the application of any type of water or solvent-based paint or glue. It is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for flexibility and productivity as well as cost-effective use.

Cefla EASY – Double Arm Oscillating Spray Machine

Easy-to-use two-arm oscillating spray machine developed to provide finishes of the very highest quality. It can provide the basis for complex systems, especially to meet high production requirements.

Cefla ROCTRE – Double Arm Oscillating Spray Machine

ROCTRE is the high-productivity two-arm oscillating spray machine ideal for matt and gloss finishes. Roctre is also able to apply large quantities of paint.

Cefla IBOTIC – Cartesian Robotic Spraying Machine

iBotic is the interpolated axis Cartesian spraying robot, with one or two arms, perfect for high production capacities and unbeatable quality.

Cefla IGIOTTO APP – Anthropomorphic Painting Robot

Anthropomorphic painting robot. Maximum flexibility and excellence for painting 3D objects. The iGiottoApp technology is the state of the art in automation integrated in the finishing field.

Cefla IGIOTTO – Anthropomorphic Painting Robot for Vertical Lines

Anthropomorphic robot for vertical lines. iGiotto is the complete system for coating large-sized objects, such as door and window fixtures, or any other objects with a complex shape.

Cefla IFLOW – Flowcoaters

iFlow is an impregnator machine with a flow coating system for wood. iFlow is perfect for the impregnation process using flow coating, essential for deep-down protection and staining of wood.

Cefla FLEXI SPRAY – For Mouldings and Narrow Boards

Flexispray is the ideal spray machine for painting mouldings and narrow boards with total width up to 240 mm.

Cefla PERFORMA – Linear Spraying Machine for Mouldings and Narrow Boards

Linear spraying machine for painting mouldings. Performa is a linear spraying machine for painting mouldings and narrow boards. Available in 3 different configurations.