One Machine Bonds All

Osama PUR starter model allows simple and cost-saving lamination of flat work pieces with different materials. Moreover, the line can also glue composite and light boards, as well as insulation elements.

For connecting substrates such as wood-based panels, plastics or metal with each other, either hot melt, PU or a reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melt can be used depending on the designated use. Thermal oil heated rollers – up to 160°C – apply the glue onto the substrates. A key advantage is the regular and very exact temperature for keeping the viscosity and applying quantities. Material layers are then assembled. A roller press (calender) presses the individual layers to a compound or sandwich.

The glueing is temperature and humidity resistant depending on the selected and used glue. The basic line consists of a conveyor, a roller coating machine ‘RCGT’, a lay-up table that can be adapted in length to the customer’s requirements, the calender press ‘GLK’ and another conveying element for taking over the finished parts. The calender either creates its contact pressure pneumatically or hydraulically. The single or optional double-sided roller application is designed for a working width of 700-1600mm.

Larger working widths up to 2600mm can also be supplied. The glue applying quantity is with 30 up to 100g/m². Optionally, the customer can add a mobile rack for laminating materials to the layup table. The press calender consists of a solid, welded machine frame with chromium-plated or rubber covered calender rollers. These calender systems are absolutely necessary for premium products such as high gloss surfaces. A precise lifting gear adjusts the upper roller according to the work piece thickness. For increasing the capacity and the quality, additional loading and stacking systems as well as automated layup systems for material cut to size or from the roll available.

Companies can upgrade their existing machines by an automation system for reaching a fully automated line. All settings are then carried out via a data record assigned to the work piece. A production controlled by data records can produce a single part up to unlimited equal parts.

Wood Bonding


Lightweight / Insulated boards

High Gloss